HSI Government Submission Proposal re resumption of limited horse sport competition.

   04 May 2020

Horse Sport Ireland, the Governing Body for Equestrian Sport in Ireland, and the centralized national body for the sport horse industry (breeding & sport) has delivered a comprehensive submission to Government, aimed at ensuring that considered protocols and procedures can be put in place to allow an incremental resumption of equestrian activity, when current Covid-19 restrictions are lifted and it is deemed safe to do so by the Department of Health and An Taoiseach.

Horse Sport Ireland has been engaging with government and has advocated the uniqueness of equestrianism in the context of safe sport return.

The complete submission can be viewed on the HSI website:

HSI Government Submission Proposal - Resumption of limited horse sport competition.

Dressage Ireland are earnest in their endeavours to comply with the National restrictions and guidelines set down by the Government and Department of Health in the organisation and running of shows.

· Only venues which have big and spacious car parking areas will be considered with Spacious Warm up arenas and competition arenas. Toilet facilities will also have to be suitable.

· All entries and payments will be pre entry through our web site.

· Each competitor will be able to access their competition number through our website, which ensures they do not have to attend the show office

· As with our normal shows each competitor will have a Dressage Test start time which will have been posted on social media

· Competitors will be advised that in such case they require help at the show only one groom will be allowed with each competitor.

· Only in exceptional circumstances which will need to be cleared by Dressage Ireland show organizers will a second groom be allowed.

· No spectators or family members allowed.

· Government and Department of Health guidelines in relation to Covid-19 will be displayed at the event.

· A detailed layout of the show, arenas and warm up areas will be posted on social media. Competitions for each arena and warm up will be clearly mapped on the social post / website. Toilets signs clearly visible.

· On arrival at the venue, a parking attendant will check competitors against a start list, check the number of passengers/ grooms against the list and then competitors will be guided to a parking place.

· Their arrival will be acknowledged on a starter list by the parking attendant and they will be instructed to adhere strictly to social distancing, coughing / sneezing guidelines and hand washing.

· Parking spaces will be 5m apart and Dressage Ireland Show Organizers / Volunteers will be enforcing same as with all government and department of health guidelines.

· All competitors will be advised to leave the venue as soon as possible after their competition.

· Any Dressage Ireland members, grooms or volunteers will face sanction if they flaunt the restrictions or guidelines.

· Toilets will have to have a station outside with hand sanitizer, paper towel and a bin, to ensure toilet door handles are kept hygienically clean at all times. Hand washing, liquid soap, paper towel and bins will also be inside the toilet.

· A show hygiene officer will have to ensure that only one person is allowed in the toilets at each time (if toilet facilities are small). In bigger toilets and if space permits 2 maybe allowed any one time.

· Competitors should not have more than 2 horses and not ride more than 4 tests.

· There will be no catering facilities at the event and competitors advised to bring their own snack if same is required for the short time they will be present at the event

· If a competitor is riding more than one test, the tests will be scheduled within 35 to 40 minutes of each other to ensure competitors are at the venue for a short a time as possible.

· Warm up arenas will be supervised by a call up steward, who will again enforce social distancing, and ensure all normal safety standards are maintained and they will call competitors for their tests.

· Judges will have been given specific times and arena location via phone or email message prior to the show.

· Judges will judge tests from their car parked at the competition arena.

· A judge may bring a family member as a scribe.

· In the event same is not possible a scribe will also be in a car 3m from the judge’s car, and they may communicate via a blue tooth device.

· At 20-minute intervals throughout the competition, scribes will place the Dressage sheets in a plastic folder and put them at a designated place whereby a show organizer will collect them and take them to another designated area where a scorer will add up the sheets.

· All test or class results will be scanned and will be posted on social media.

· No results will be available on the day.

· Any bills in relation to the event will be paid via bank transfer.