Dressage Ireland offers a range of membership options for riders and horses/ponies of all levels:

  • Full Riding Members - can gain grading points with their horses and qualify for the Winter Finals and National Championships
  • Trailblazers Membership - aimed at young riders under 21 years of age starting out in dressage
  • General Membership - for horse owners, judges and supporters of Dressage Ireland



Type of Membership





Adult Riding Member

Rider - €115

Horse/Pony - €35




Over 18yrs of age

Category 1 - have never competed above Novice level

Category 2 - have competed at Elementary but never above Advanced Medium level

Category 3 - have competed at Advanced & above

Can compete in registered classes at Regional Shows and may compete at the Dressage Ireland Winter Finals and National Championships on obtaining relevant qualifying scores




Junior Riding Member

Parent or guardian must be registered as a member

Rider - €60

Parent/guardian - €60

Horse/Pony - €35

Under 18yrs of age and categorised 1, 2 or 3 as per adult members outlined above




As per above &

Category 1 Junior Riders may also participate in Trailblazers classes

If qualified in both registered and Trailblazer classes for Dressage Ireland Winter Finals and National Championships they must choose one or the other

Trailblazers Member

Category 0*

Rider - €0

Parent/guardian - €60

Horse/Pony - €20








Under 21yrs of age

Have never competed above Novice level

Riders may compete in Junior Trailblazers (12-16yr old) and Senior Trailblazers (16-21yr old)

May only compete and qualify for National competitions in Trailblazer classes

May ride H/Cin Registered Junior Cat 1 classes at Regional shows

*No horse/pony points awarded



Classes at Regional Shows (20x40m / 20x60m)

Junior Trailblazers
Under 16yrs before 1st January

Senior Trailblazers
16-21yrs before 1st January

May compete at Dressage Ireland Winter Finals and National Championships in Trailblazers classes on obtaining relevant qualifying scores.

At National competitions classes are split into:

- Junior A (under 12yrs)
- Junior B (12-16yrs)
- Senior (16-21yrs)

Winners at National competitions then move on to Junior Cat 1



Horse Owner, Parent/Guardian,
Judge/Trainee Judge