Congratulations and Welcome to the Dressage Ireland Judges List

At the recent upgrading exam at the Botanica Summer Classic at Spruce Lodge, 3-4 August, 2019 the following trainee judges have been successful in their exam and have joined List 6 of the Dressage Ireland Judges List:

Bronagh O Mahoney

Coreen Abernethy

Connie Noone

Joan Adrain


More Congratulations to the successful Judge Candidates at Recent Upgrading Exams at the National Championships


Congratulations to Jean Halpenny and Christine Keane on their success in the recent judges upgrading exam to List 5 at the National Championships, Cavan.

And more congratulations to Jane Whitaker who upgraded to List 3 also at the National Championships.

Well done to all.

The Judges Committee would like to commend and sincerely thank the SER Botanica Summer Classic show organisers and the National Championship organisers for hosting the upgrading exams.