DI Young Horse Series

With the advent of Dressage Irelands Young Horse Series , The Board of DI would like to share some information on the format .

Other than the 4 year olds there are two classes in each age group, the FEI test is more challenging than the BD tests.

Set movements are ridden as per a normal test this is observed and marks out of ten (decimal marks are permitted eg 6.2 or 8.9) are given for walk,trot,canter and submission . The scales of training, are taken into account and the horse’s potential and the ability to take weight behind. The judging is more on the correct way of going rather than the actual movements .

The series aims to promote the development of young horses and guide their progress up the levels.

For horses aiming for the world breeding championships the FEI tests will prepare them for the HSI selection process.

Whips and commanders are allowed in qualifiers

Spurs are allowed but not more than 6mm.

Young Horse Classes will be judged by List 2 judges .

Any region running young horse tests as per the YH series as on the DI website ( posted about 4 weeks ago ) will be considered a qualifier . Redhills is a qualifier . All regions have been asked to run two qualifiers , they may run the YH BD tests or FEI tests . There will be a final for both BD YH age classes and FEI YH Age classes

In recent years the increased interest and participation in Dressage in Ireland has led to a growth in investment by riders, breeders and producers alike to acquire, breed or produce a well-balanced, athletic and trainable horse more suited to the discipline of Dressage.

Dressage Ireland is very cognisant of the fact that the development of young horses is fundamental to the success of the sport into the future.

With this in mind Dressage Ireland would like to roll out a Young Horse Series.

We are inviting regions to hold two qualifiers in conjunction with their regional shows.

The top 3 qualify in each section at the regional qualifiers for the Finals if they achieve 64% or above.

Young horse Classes & Tests as follows:

  • 4 year old FEI 4 year old test.
  • 5 year old BD 5 year old national test
  • 5 year old FEI Preliminary test
  • 6 year old BD National test
  • 6 year old FEI Preliminary test
  • 7 year old FEI individual junior test.

Apart from the 4 year old class, there will be a British Dressage test as above and an FEI test at each age group. The BD age classes are easier and more achievable initially, but for those horses / rider combinations that are looking towards The World Young Horse Championships, the results of the FEI tests will be important for selection purposes.

The Young Dressage Horse Finals will take place in the autumn, venue and date to be confirmed.

The final will include BD National Age classes and FEI tests at each level. The classes are open to any breed and there will be a prize for the highest placed Irish bred at each level at the finals.

Dressage Ireland are already in talks with a potential sponsor who has generously expressed interest in sponsoring the final.

Please refer to regional schedules for upcoming young horse classes in the coming weeks. This series will be run in conjunction with Government and HSI Covid guidelines.

The recent HSI Autumn Development Series has proven that there are lots of promising young horses in the country. Dressage Ireland see’s the advent of young horses/ pony classes as an exciting addition to show schedules.

If you require any additional information, please email