HSI Combined Training Challenge

proudly sponsored by Horse Sport Ireland 

“We are very excited for the second year of the Horse Sport Ireland sponsored Combined Training Challenge. Last year’s league was of huge benefit to a wide range of equestrian riders in Dressage, Show Jumping and Eventing, giving riders the opportunity to train and compete in two disciplines simultaneously. We look forward to attracting more participants from across the HSI affiliates this year and to a very competitive finals in October. On behalf of Dressage Ireland, I would like to thank Horse Sport Ireland for their generous sponsorship again this year." - Gillian Kyle, Chairperson of Dressage Ireland

2019 Qualifiers:

8th June – Connell Hill Equestrian (Northern)
14th July – Claremorris Equestrian (Midlands & Western)
11th August – Portmore Equestrian (Northern)
31st August – National Sports Arena (Leinster)
31st August – Kilguilkey House (South Munster)
1st September – CoilÓg Equestrian (venue)
7th September – Barnadown Equestrian (Eastern)
14th September – Greenogue Equestrian (Leinster)
21st September – Claremorris Equestrian (Midlands & Western)
22nd September – Barnadown Equestrian (Eastern)
29th September – Roscrea Equestrian (North Munster)
5th October – Kilguilkey House (South Munster)
6th October – CoilÓg Equestrian (venue)
12th October – Wexford Equestrian (South Eastern)

2019 HSI Combined Training Challenge Final: 

26th October – Barnadown Equestrian


To encourage members of all other affiliates to compete. 
To encourage the use of correct training on the flat and jumping.  
Discipline Membership 
Qualifiers are open to all Horse Sport Ireland affiliate members including: Dressage Ireland, Eventing Ireland, Showjumping Ireland, The Irish Pony Society, AIRC etc. (please see full list of HSI affiliates on the Horse Sport Ireland website). All riders must hold a minimum of one affiliate membership and must be registered at time of entry and competing. Riders must declare which discipline they are registered with at time of entry stating their membership number. 
There is no requirement for a horse to be registered with Dressage Ireland to participate in qualifiers, however Dressage Ireland rules in relation to age and vaccinations must be adhered to. 
Regardless of membership in other disciplines, qualified combinations competing in the finals must hold a minimum of a Dressage Ireland membership by close of entries for the Final. Please note that Dressage Ireland membership is an annual membership with validity from the date of registration until December of the same year however memberships from October 1st 2019 onwards will be considered rolling and will remain valid from date of registration until the end of the following year. ie. to 31/12/2020
Eligibility for qualifying competitions 
Qualifiers are open to horses/ponies at all level or grade below the following: 
•  Showjumping - not above 1.20m  
•  Eventing - not above 3* 
•  Dressage - not above Advanced Medium 
Children may ride horses from the beginning of the calendar year in which the age of 12 is reached.  
Levels of competition 
1.  DRESSAGE IRELAND PRELIMINARY TEST P4 (2016) & Show Jumping – Maximum height 80cm 
2.  DRESSAGE IRELAND PRELIMINARY TEST P5 (2012) & Show Jumping – Maximum height 90cm 
3.  DRESSAGE IRELAND NOVICE TEST N23 (2012) & Show Jumping – Maximum height 1m 
4.  DRESSAGE IRELAND NOVICE TEST N26 (2012) & Show Jumping – Maximum height 1m10cm 

All tests can be downloaded from 
Horses and ponies may compete together.   
Ponies must measure 148cm and under and horses over 149cm. Please note that random measuring may take place at the Final. 
A leading Pony prize will be awarded at the Final of each class for the highest placed pony in the top ten. 
The dressage & jumping phases must be ridden in this order - dressage phase first then showjumping. The same horse and rider must complete both phases. 
A horse/pony may not compete in more than two classes on the same day. 
Elimination from one phase involves elimination from the whole competition. However, if eliminated in the dressage, a rider may ask permission from the organiser to participate in the showjumping phase HC. 
Qualifying period:  8th June - Saturday 12th October 2019. 
Entry fee €25 + €5 temporary membership to Dressage Ireland. 
Entries are made either through the region (in brackets after dates) or the venue, please check for each qualifier.
14 Qualifiers in total. 
Dates/Venues - please see Dressage Ireland website. 
Final will take place Saturday 26th October 2019. 
Dressage phase 
The dressage phase is run in accordance with Dressage Ireland rules. 
Dress Code as per Dressage Ireland rules. 
Dressage Ireland listed dressage judges are required. 
Showjumping Phase  
Showjumping must be run in accordance with Showjumping Ireland rules. 
a) Dress is as per SJI rules. 
b) A Show Jumping judge is required. 
c) Course to consist of eight to twelve fences. 
d) Courses must include up to two doubles on one or two strides. If doubles are included, only a vertical as the second part may be used. 
f) There must not be any related distances less than five strides on the approach or following any double. 
g) There should not be any three stride related distance anywhere in the course. 
Scoring of the Competition 
The marks for the dressage phase are totalled - do not convert to a percentage. 
Any faults incurred in the jumping phase are deducted from the marks awarded for the dressage phase. 
The winner is the combination with the highest score. 
Showjumping faults judged under SJI rules: 
• Knock down – 4 faults. 
• First refusal – 4 faults. 
• Second refusal (anywhere on course) – 8 faults. 
• Third refusal (anywhere on course) – Elimination. 
• Fall (anywhere on course) – Elimination. 
• Rounds are not timed, however there is a maximum time allowed of two minutes. 
• All other faults as SJI rule book. 
In the event of equality: 
If the final score gives equality of marks to two or more competitors, the classification is decided by the highest marks for the dressage test. If there is still equality, the combination with the highest collectives in the dressage wins. If still equal after the above has been applied, then equal placings should be awarded. 
Qualification for the Combined Training Championship 

• The top two horse/rider combinations will qualify from each class for the Final.
•  A combination may only enter one class at the Final. If qualified for more than one class, the entrant must select their preferred class for the Final.
•  Qualification will ONLY pass down if either combination placed in the top two in the class have already qualified. If a qualified combination does not take up entry for the Final, the next placed combination at that qualifier will be invited to enter the Final.
•  Only qualified combinations can enter the Final.
•  Entries to the Final will close on Monday 14th October 2019. 

Number of horses/ponies qualified for the Final = 112  
Dressage tests and jump heights remain the same for the Finals. 
Venue for Final
Barnadown Equestrian 

Date for Final  
Saturday 26th October 2019 

Entry fee
€30.00 plus membership to Dressage Ireland
(NB: Dressage Ireland membership purchased from 1st October 2019 will carry over until end December 2020)

Entries for the Finals
Entries close midnight Monday 14th October 2019.
Prize fund per class at Finals
1st €600 
2nd €450 
3rd €300 
4th €200 
5th €150 
6th €100 
Additional prize for the highest placed pony in the top ten. 
For further information please contact