South East Region Online Show

Published 09.02.2021

South East Region are delighted to be running our first Online Dressage Show. Entry forms open on 28th February at 9am and close Sunday, 7th March at 9pm.

This online show is only open to members of Dressage Ireland members and your up to date membership number must be included on the entry form with your name and the Region to which you belong.

Dressage Ireland rules and safety standards must be adhered to along with correct standard hat and tack and note the horses welfare is paramount. Unfortunately, no scores or points can count from online competitions. Videos to be submitted must be done in a casual setting, i.e. not at a show or competition. If you are wearing full competition jacket, etc... do not remove your boots. Alternatively, don’t plait - neat, tidy mane appreciated though - or sport your smartest Matchy Matchy outfit....muted colours appreciated so as not to dazzle the Judge too much!!
Results will be posted on the following Friday. Test sheets will be returned via email and rosettes to the winners will follow in the post. All tests will be judged by Dressage Ireland Judges.

HOW TO VIDEO: The videos need to be recorded from C (where the judges car usually is). They must be in landscape form. The arena must be clearly marked either on a purpose built surface or on grass.. flat and safe... and all the letters must be clearly visible. The person videoing the test ideally should stand a little back from C so the judge can get a good view of the whole horse. On the 20X60 tests some booming into the movements at the A end of the arena may be necessary to ensure the judge can clearly see what is happening.

Please refer to "How to Enter" page regarding to compressing of video size.
Have Fun and Enjoy!

Classes: Trail Blazers: DI P 5 and DI N 23, Preliminary DI P 5, Novice DI N 23, Elementary DI E 46, Medium DI M 62, FEI Pony Team, FEI Pony India., FEI Junior Team.

Click the link below to enter:
—Mary Cox