Judge Training for List 6-3a in the UK - February/March, 2020

   25 Sep 2019

Expressions of Interest

This is a call for expressions of interest from all Trainee judges and judges from List 6-3 for judge training in the UK.

The plan is to attend a UK Regional Finals in February/March, 2020 (when flights are cheaper).

The intention is to provide a unique and exciting opportunity for judges on List 6-3a to avail of training specially provided in the UK, observing and judging a wide range of different horse/rider combinations making for a fantastic learning experience!

Open to all listed DI judges and Trainee judges and counts towards National Judge Training Day requirement.

Judge training will be free of charge.

Flights to UK and accommodation to be booked by the individual.

Shared car hire to accommodation and venue may be arranged depending on numbers and flight co-ordination.

For those judges interested, please contact  DI Judges Committee contact/co-ordinator: John Lyttle at  for further information or questions.