How to Join


Please complete in full the Membership Form and the Horse Registration Form.

For Membership details & info click HERE

Click Here to complete the online Membership Form.

For more info on Horse Registration click HERE

Click Here to complete the online Horse Registration Form.

Due to GDPR regulations these forms must be fully completed by everyone wishing to join or renew, for those new horse registration scan or take a clear picture of all supporting documentation and email them to the office at (Ensure the scans are clearly legible and complete). Membership & Registration cannot be completed until these forms have been received along with payment.

Please note: 

  • You must declare the region you wish to join on the membership form. If no region is declared, the office will decide the region going by your address. Members may only join one region and cannot change regions within the year of membership, running from 1st January to 31 December.
  • A Junior Member cannot register a horse/pony in their name. The horse/pony must registered by an Adult Member (over 18 years of age).
  • All correct supporting documentation must be supplied regarding the horse/pony - please refer to the "Horse Registration" page here for full details. 
  • Your membership will not be processed until all completed forms, correct supporting documentation and payment have been received.
  • Please allow a minimum of a week for your application to be processed. You will not be able to enter any shows until your membership application has been fully processed.



To purchase your Dressage Ireland membership online click HERE, alternatively please send a cheque or postal order for the correct amount to the Dressage Ireland Office at this address:

DI Admin,

1st Floor,

Beech House,

Millennium Park,

Osberstown, Naas,

Co. Kildare.

Memberships & Registrations will not be completed until payment has been received.



For an overview of the membership categories and fees, please return to the Membership homepage here.


  • First year registration of a pure bred Irish Draught, Connemara Pony, Irish Thoroughbred or Kerry Bog Pony is free of charge! To avail of this offer, please include a copy of the passport (clearly legible and complete photocopy or scan) along with the completed Horse Registration Form when registering the horse/pony. 
  • If registering as a Trailblazer, the horse/pony registration fee is reduced from €35 to €20.



Adult Riding Member (18 or over on 1st January 2020):
If you wish to compete at Dressage Ireland competitions, be eligible to qualify for Winter Finals and National Championships and/or partake in training you must choose the Full Riding Member option and register your horse/pony.

Junior Riding Member (under 18 years on the 1st January 2020)
It is a prerequisite of a Junior Membership that their parent or legal guardian is a member of Dressage Ireland. If a Junior Member wishes to compete at Dressage Ireland competitions, be eligible to qualify for Winter Finals and National Championships their horse/pony must also be registered. Horses/ponies for Junior Members need to be registered by an Adult Member (18 years or over).

Trailblazers membership is available to riders under the age of 21 who have never ridden above Novice level at Dressage Ireland Shows, a parent/guardian must be registered. Riders may compete in Junior Trailblazers (under 16yrs) and Senior Trailblazers (16-21yrs) classes at Regional shows and may compete at National competitions in Trailblazer classes should they achieve the qualification criteria. Trailblazers members may also ride in the unregistered section in regular ‘adult’ classes at Regional shows. No horse/pony points awarded.

If you wish to be a registered judge or trainee judge you must be a Member. Judges who also wish to ride at Dressage Ireland competitions should choose the Full Riding Member option.