DI Competitor Declaration Form

The form needs only to be completed annually, unless changes occur in the future.

With the slight modification in the Level 5 guidelines we sought information from Horse Sport Ireland, they provided more clarity on the professional / producer / High Performance exemption:

"The wording related to sportspeople has been removed by Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine as it was deemed too broad.

As such, where DI members are producing their horses within authorised competition for the sport &/or for sale, either immediately or in the future, then they are permitted, this falls to the definition of producer.

Members should satisfy themselves that if they are able to meet this description they are able to compete at affiliated authorised competition, unless they are specifically categorised as amateurs or indeed the members themselves consider that they don’t meet the description."

Below is the link to complete the form, which only needs to be filled in once. It must be filled in & returned before you place your entries for any Dressage Ireland shows.